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Your Moving Questions Answered

When it comes time to make a move, you may have a lot of questions and no answers to go along with them. Before you panic, take a moment to browse through our FAQs to see if you can find the answer you need. If you cannot, we ask that you please call our office at 732-795-9073 and one of our team members will assist you.

Can you help me pack up my home?

Yes. Our Middlesex County movers are experienced in packing up your home for any type of move. You will find that we can provide partial and complete packing services that are designed to free up your time, but also prepare your items properly for the move ahead.

Do I need to be home on move day?

Yes. Middlesex County Moving Companies prefers that you are home on the day that the movers will arrive. It is important to make arrangements to be there when the movers show up because you will need to go over paperwork with the movers and show them which items will be moved to your new location and which ones will stay behind.

In addition, a final walkthrough will be performed to ensure all items were placed on the moving truck. If you cannot be home for some reason, we ask that someone over the age of 18 is home. If this is not possible or you need to make other arrangements, please call our office immediately.

How will you protect my belongings in the event of rain or snow?

If the weather is not bright and sunny, have no fear as we can still move your items. Each one of our movers will take the extra steps necessary to ensure your items are protected from the rain or snow. In fact, we keep a number of blankets and tarps on hand in case these situations do arise. Our movers will even keep your items off of the ground, so that they do not get wet.

Do I need to provide packing supplies to the movers?

You only need to provide packing supplies if you plan to pack up your items on your own. If you hire our company to pack up your home, we will come prepared with all of the supplies that are needed and you do not have to worry about a thing.

What should I do with my animals on move day?

Our Middlesex County moving company recommends that you do not have your animals present on moving day, but if they must be present, that they are placed in a carrier or cage, so that they are kept safe. If your animals are running loose in your home on move day, they may become scared with all of the commotion or they may accidentally escape from your home. Loose animals can be stressful for you, the movers, and your animals, so keep this in mind.